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Chromatic for Diatonic Players: Hand Cupping & The Slide – Part 2

By Winslow Yerxa 
Putting it to Work – Combined Slide and Cup Action
Now, let’s try playing a note sequence while using the hand cup to produce a very subtle vibrato (and let’s not quibble over whether this is tremolo or vibrato). Play a simple C major scale, as shown in Tab 1, using a subtle hand vibrato. Play each note long enough to get the vibrato effect, and see how little hand movement you can use and still get an audible vibrato.

Click here to listen

Now, do the same thing, but with …

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[11 Oct 2010 | 2 Comments | 11,239 views]
Harmonica Workbench: EMC2 Einstein for Harpies

by  Kinya Pollard
For those full time and part time Harp-Techs who have experienced the joys of harmonica tuning, you understand how even being ambidextrous is not enough to avoid some stress.
Consider the tedious process of removing (and reinstalling) the reed plates from the comb; add to this, the task of holding the reed plate in place with one hand, reed support tool in another, and Chisel, file, sanding stick an/or rotary tool in the other—wait a minute, that’s three hands!
Rick Trankle’s inspiration for designing, manufacturing and distributing his Harmonica Einstein …

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[11 Oct 2010 | Comments Off | 3,405 views]
Microphone Choices: The Modern Candy Coatings!

“At The Harmonica Microphone Bench”
by Fritz Hasenpusch
That thin candy shell, sealing in LORD MICROPHONE’S natural goodness while sealing out the bad guys—like US! As we’ve seen while rummaging thru the spray booth down here in the Microphone Dungeon, it takes a concerted effort to preserve the Harpster’s tools of the trade. Isolating our beloved mics from the corrosive environment they exist in (especially our hands) is an insurance policy we should all subscribe to. We’ve learned of the advantages and disadvantages of electroplating their vulnerable alloy grills and shells, how …

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[11 Oct 2010 | Comments Off | 10,534 views]
No More Excuses

By David Barrett
I’m writing this article sitting in a plane on the way back from the SPAH convention (Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica). At last night’s blues jam (hosted by Joe Filisko) the focus was on country blues and any blues progression other than twelve bar. It was tons of fun. Though I was able to hold my own, it was obviously time for me to get MUCH better at dealing with non-twelve bar blues progressions—I was really racking my brain to hear the chord changes …

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Chromatic for Diatonic Players: Hand Cupping & The Slide – Part 1

By Winslow Yerxa
Cupping your hands around a harmonica has several benefits—you can use it to create a subtle vibrato (favored by classical players), to create a darker tone color, and to create the sort of vocal effects such as a “wah” sound.
On the chromatic, using the slide can complicate your attempt to incorporate cupping, and that’s what this article is about.
When you open and close a hand cup, one hand holds the harmonica steady, while the other hand may move to manipulate the cup or operate the slide. (I’m going …