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Microphone Choices: Your Kandy Kolor Questions & More!

by Fritz Hasenpusch
We’ve been looking at the world of mic ‘protection’, of preserving LORD MICROPHONE from the outside in, and of keeping him healthy so he may serve us in good form and function as intended: The surface coatings that keep the hostile elements at bay and help to add personal identity to our chosen sonic tools of the trade.
I’m clearing some space on the workbench here within the paint booth down in the MICROPHONE DUNGEON, prepping to respond to questions that have arrived pertaining to the primer-plain and Kandy Kolor …

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Harmonica Workbench: Size Matters

 by Kinya Pollard
For those of you who are thinking what I think you’re thinking; get your mind out of the gutter! We run a clean operation here.
For the Harp-Tech, one of the most important signature techniques to master is “Sizing,” also known as embossing and burnishing. I prefer “Sizing” because the word does a better job of conjuring up the proper image of what the technique is intended to do.
The purpose of sizing is to shrink the reed plate slot just enough to allow the reed to pass through. “But …

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No More Excuses – Part IV

By David Barrett
We’ve finished 2nd Position, so it’s time to move to our next most common blues harmonica position—3rd Position. Again, let’s start with the basics—which notes match the three blues chords for each hole on the harmonica in 3rd Position. This is your first step in moving from being an intuitive player to a purposeful player. This knowledge is also imperative for accompaniment playing. Grab your C harmonica and let’s dig into blues in the key of D.
We’ll start by listing the notes in the Key of D Major. …

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Chromatic for Diatonic Players: Review of 14-Hole Chromatics, Part 2

 By Winslow Yerxa 
In the last issue I gave plenty of data and pictures of three high-end chromatics in C that start on G below Middle C—the 14-hole Hohner Meisterklasse, the 14-hole Suzuki Sirius S-56S, and the 12-hole Seydel Saxony Orchestra. In this issue, I continue with my impressions from actually playing the instruments and with several recordings of each instrument.
Playing Impressions
After all the measuring and photographing, I was finally able to reassemble the instruments and actually play them. I resisted the temptation to adjust, alter, or otherwise change anything about …

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Microphone Choices: You Want Paint Secrets? We Got ‘Em!

by Fritz Hasenpusch 
Just look at that shine on the HARPMOBILE. The brilliant color, the depth of the gloss… Like the finish on most every car on the showroom floor and by now (by virtue of attrition) just about everything rolling down life’s proverbial hi-way, the secret to the shine is no secret: URETHANE “PAINT.” I’ll put “PAINT” in quotes as it’s more of a coating than paint as was once understood. Whereas paints such as LAQUERS and ENAMELS are composed of fluid vehicles that evaporate to leave their suspended solids behind …