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  • Kinya Pollard said:

    Hello Everyone,
    Luv the web upgrades!
    Thanx, Kinya

  • Javier said:

    Do you still have a 1992 Progressive Blues Harmonica Supplementary Lick and Solo Bood and Recording.

  • Darrell said:

    Great online Harmonica mag, learned a lot so far. How about a review of the TurboHarp Lids or TurboTwenty and TurboHarp BX harps? I tried the search feature but couldn’t find anything so I assume that you’ve not done anything on any of the TurboHarp stuff. Thanks.

  • John Sebold said:

    Can you please repair the July 2003 link found on :


  • Robert Hale said:

    Thank you SO much for choosing text and background that contrast for easy reading! I’m on a personal campaign to oppose gray-on-gray websites. They receive my challenge; you get my appreciation. Content is excellent.

  • Robert Coble said:

    To The Harpsmith:

    In the FEB 2009 issue, you identified a “Hand Vise for Special Shapes” which was discontinued by Micro-Mark. I believe I have found the same device at Esslinger:


    Item 58.0525 – $21.99

    I love your column!

    “Crazy Bob” Coble

  • Jeff Szarowicz said:


    Thanks for all you do providing harmonica instruction. Is the latest lesson title and text for June 2011 No More Excuses – Part V (1st Position, Part 2)correct? It looks to me like it is the ii7 and vi7 chords for 3rd position, not 1st. Just asking.


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