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Microphone Choices: The Auto (Harp) Industry!

7 December 2010 3,291 views No Comment

with Fritz Hasenpusch 

Nope, I’m not an insurance salesman, I don’t know the Gecko, and couldn’t guess how much “liability” you should carry. But like a good neighbor I do want to be “there” with the right info when you need it… And in fact, we were talking about insurance of a sort during our last chat here in the MICROPHONE DUNGEON. Insurance for LORD MICROPHONE in the form of protection from the corrosive elements that lurk all about in the environment in which they operate: The stage, the jam, our hands…

We’ve learned of the benefits a protective coating can provide and seen that some coatings are created more equal than others in that regard. Lacquer (Nitrocellulose and Acrylic) is beautiful and effective but better suited to preserving the delicacies of acoustic wooden instruments than the cast pot metals of LORD MICROPHONE’S construction. Where to look?

Clue: “Cast pot metals”! Cast metal fixtures for use in the auto industry developed just ahead of their application in audio manufacturing and soon found wide use in the production of the shells of LORD MICROPHONE’S delivery systems. As with the auto industry, platings and various coatings found their way onto them as well. As with the car itself, its protective coatings became more mission-specific, more refined, more technical.

Transitioning away from enamel “spray paint,” auto coatings now provide a level of protection from the weather, the elements, drivers and wear and tear that simply didn’t exist all that long ago. Urethane coatings have become the most prominent in the auto industry for these reasons. They require an ‘activator’ to properly cure and they benefit by refined handling for best results—but the results are among the most durable, controllable, and beautiful to be had.

CAUTIONS? Oh yeah… Remember our old friend “Super Glue” and its children, isocyanate and cyanoacrylate? Stuff that can get into you via your respiratory system and skin? That’s no secret… Hey!



For pictures and descriptions of most of the microphones listed visit http://www.harmonicamasterclass.com/vintage_collection.htm

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