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Microphone Choices: Back Inside Lord Microphones

11 October 2011 3,291 views No Comment

by Fritz Hasenpusch 

Sure, it’s always fun to hang in the bright shiny world of the thin, thin candy coatings that shield LORD MICROPHONE from the corrosive world outside—not to mention your grubby paws—but it’s time to dive back inside. Where the TONE is…


There’s a compulsion among Tin Sandwich jockeys—not all, but many, that drives them to experiment with virtually every aspect of their sonic pursuit. Some will focus on tinkering with the instrument itself: The harmonica’s reeds, the reed plates, the combs, even the nails and screws that hold them together. For others, the methods of amplification hold tremendous (and often costly) sway: The tube mythology, layout & design, transformers—not to mention the galaxy of speakers to be sorted through. Give it a moment of thought and you could probably chart the degree of your own obsessions on a graph. For me—and likely you since you’re reading this—LORD MICROPHONE is the perfect candidate: It fits in your hands; Even completely disassembled it takes up no more space than a place-mat; It doesn’t need to be paper-trained; It’s the crucial link between player and amp.


Down here in the MIC DUNGEON, the several project mics laid out on the MIC BENCH speak of a variety of missions-in-progress, but all with a single common purpose: Providing BETTER WEAPONRY. Adapting LORD MICROPHONE to better serve the Tin Sandwich Jockeys of the world. The Mississippi Sax players in the trenches, on the front lines.


While servicing these mics I’ve come across a number of issues that need to be understood—If LORD MICROPHONE is to be allowed to conquer: Swapping elements AND potentiometer values; Where that wire should go; Soldering that WORKS; Avoiding gaskets that DON’T work; Avoiding the dreaded “ground-out”…


…off to Seattle to assist with my son’s move. Stay groovy & honktastic!


For pictures and descriptions of most of the microphones listed visit http://www.harmonicamasterclass.com/vintage_collection.htm

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