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Microphone Choices: You Want Paint Secrets? We Got ‘Em!

1 February 2011 4,365 views No Comment

by Fritz Hasenpusch 

Just look at that shine on the HARPMOBILE. The brilliant color, the depth of the gloss… Like the finish on most every car on the showroom floor and by now (by virtue of attrition) just about everything rolling down life’s proverbial hi-way, the secret to the shine is no secret: URETHANE “PAINT.” I’ll put “PAINT” in quotes as it’s more of a coating than paint as was once understood. Whereas paints such as LAQUERS and ENAMELS are composed of fluid vehicles that evaporate to leave their suspended solids behind as the hardened “finish,” URETHANE coatings primarily dry by way of a chemical reaction that occurs when the coating is mixed with an appropriate percentage of “ACTIVATOR,” or catalyst, prior to application—typically by way of a spray gun. These finishes love to cure in controlled warm environments, doused with plenty of full-spectrum light. Greg Barker, hot rod builder extraordinaire, liked to cure smaller URETHANE-sprayed projects in direct sunlight. The fact that there always seemed to be a breeze blowing in South San Francisco aided in the gassing-off of the VOC’s contained within. I give my thanks to Greg Barker for sharing his working knowledge of hot rod finishes and URETHANE in particular with me.

A word about VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds): Whether you call them gasses, vapors, or fumes, they’re a great reason to protect your respiratory system by wearing a NIOSH rated respirator. NOT just a paper or fabric dust mask, but a serious respirator/filter approved for protection against VOC’s. People who do a good deal of URETHANE spraying will utilize a “positive pressure” environment that actually feeds fresh air into the work space under pressure, displacing the spray mist and fumes.

SO… We’ve learned that among spray-applied finishes for LORD MICROPHONE that Urethane can provide a strong protective barrier between its susceptible shell and the destructive elements of the outside world (our hands and handling being the greatest culprits). So… What can be done to personalize this thin-thin candy coating? PLENTY!

For info on URETHANE finishes, take a look at the DuPont line of products. For ideas on colors, check out HOUSE OF COLOR. You’ve seen their pigments on countless rods and show bikes. And the possibilities don’t end with the off-the-shelf products. There’s all manner of effects and additives that can spice-up an already stunning look—metal flakes, pearls, opalescent elements can be introduced to deliver a one-of-a-kind finish.

Beauty’s only skin-deep, sure. Beauty that helps protect LORD MICROPHONE is a true joy to behold…




For pictures and descriptions of most of the microphones listed visit http://www.harmonicamasterclass.com/vintage_collection.htm

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