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Welcome to the June–July 2011 issue of Harmonica Sessions®!

Harmonica Sessions® is a bimonthly online magazine exploring various facets of harmonica music. Each month, this “webzine” will feature articles by composers, teachers, or performers. Visitors to the site can learn about the featured authors’ publications, background, or performance/workshop schedule. A free printable music sample will be included in at least one of the articles each month. So keep coming back, and we hope you enjoy it! Feel free to send us your comments and suggestions to Contact Us.
As always, let us know what you like

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[7 Jun 2011 | 2 Comments | 12,176 views]
Harmonica Workbench: Go ahead, take the PLUNZ!

with Kinya Pollard 
Long time readers know I have an insatiable appetite for technology and techniques for improving the tone and playability of the diatonic harmonica.
As it turns out, I actually had on my list for future articles to build a double reed plate harmonica. So, when Mauro “Plunz” Pionzio, from Plunz Special Harp invited me to review his new “Forty Plus” double reed plate retrofit kit for the Hohner Special 20 (yes, I’m still in love with the SP20 after all these years), it was a no brainer for me …

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Microphone Choices: Your Kandy Kolor Questions Kontinued…

“At The Harmonica Microphone Bench”
with Fritz Hasenpusch 
Down here in the MICROPHONE DUNGEON there’s a veritable kornucopia of possible kolors, an avalanche of additives for personalizing microphone coatings. There are any number of ways to adjust the look and feel of your harpmic by way of the coatings applied to it. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves…
On our last visit we looked at the specialized task of prepping a mic (in this case, one with badly pitted chrome skin) for re-coating—whether plating or painting. No matter the methods and …

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[7 Jun 2011 | Comments Off | 8,430 views]
No More Excuses – Part V (1st Position, Part 2)

By David Barrett 
Last issue we explored the standard three chords used in the blues, the I7, IV7 and V7 chords. If you spent the time necessary memorizing those three chords on the C Harmonica and playing the examples to a twelve bar blues jam track, then you’ve already experienced what amazing things it can do for your 1st Position playing and you’re ready for this new study. If you haven’t, go back and do it. This article will do you no good if you haven’t mastered the basics. The focus …

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[7 Jun 2011 | Comments Off | 15,006 views]
Review of 14-Hole Chromatics, Part 3 Chromatic for Diatonic Players

By Winslow Yerxa  
 Last time I reviewed two high-end 14-hole chromatics from Hohner and Suzuki, and a Seydel 12-holer that also starts on G below Middle C. This issue I’ll review four 14-hole models that deliver solid quality at the low-to-middle segment of the price spectrum. These are the Bends Tonica 56, the Hering Stan Harper 56, the Suzuki SCX-56, and the Hohner Chrometta 14.
In the previous installments I discussed the rationale for the slightly extended range of 14-hole instruments and their relationship to the 12-hole and 16-hole sizes. However, …